Visual Effects-VFX PRO

Visual Effects-VFX PRO

Duration : 16 months |  Eligibility: 10+2 | Schedule: 2 hrs a day & 3 days a week / Fast track

Hollywood & Bollywood films use VFX to produce awesome effects & realistic environments in films. Through visual effects, the artists can make interesting things happen in movies bomb blasts, natural disasters, flying objects, superpowers, etc. which are difficult or impossible to shoot in real life. The Indian Animation & VFX industry has grown to approximately Rs. 7340 crores in 2017. This is a huge industry & needs talented, trained people. Salaries are good for the right person. If you wish to join this industry, you have to create high-quality visual effects (VFX) for films, TV, advertisements & games. To join this industry, learn the right skills and get the right training with the Visual Effects-VFX Pro program from Arena Animation.

With print media like comic books and paperbacks slowly loosing their audience, the world of entertainment media has grown to become the Giant Goliath. One can only imagine the plethora of opportunities this giant brings with him. But even so, like every field only the best are here to stay. The mediocre will sooner or later perish! Visual Effects-VFX PRO is what Arena Animation has created to give an edge over other visual effects courses. Its your speed pass to becoming the best in the industry.

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Learning Plan


Learn to create & manipulate images outside of a live-action shoot; images that look realistic, but would be dangerous, or simply impossible to capture on film

Modules Tools 
Introduction Nuke
Rotoscope Nuke
Wire Removal Nuke
Colour Correction & Grading Nuke
Green/Blue screen Nuke
Match moving & Camera Tracking Nuke X
3D Projection Matte painting Nuke & Photoshop
Time Remapping & Bounding Boxes Nuke
Channel & Multi Passes Nuke
Advanced Compositing Tools Nuke
Rotoscope & Match-Moving in Mocha Mocha
Advanced VFX tools
FX with Houdini Houdini
Rotoscopy with Fusion Digital Fusion
Tracking with boujou boujou
Portfolio Demo Reel Project

Course Highlights:

  • Access Onlinevarsity: Onlinevarsity is Arena’s learning app for students. You can have exclusive access to course material, discuss doubts & problems with professors, plan activities & projects, get reference material, etc.
  • Become a VFX/compositing professional
  • Work with the latest software like Nuke, Mocha, Photoshop, Houdini, boujou & Digital Fusion
  • Learn advanced compositing tools, time remapping & bounding boxes, match-moving, matte painting & camera tracking
  • Learn with projects and hands-on practice sessions
  • Attend lectures conducted by expert faculty Additional practice sessions
  • Professional work portfolio development
  • Industry interaction & workshops