VFX At Arena Animations

VFX At Arena Animations

Duration : 2 Years |  Eligibility: 10+2 | Schedule: 2 hrs a day & 3 days a week / Fast track

VFX at Arena Animations is an intensive career course, that will Educate you with the latest in the field of Visual effects, helping you develop your skills with key areas like live-action footage (special effects) and that of generated imagery (digital effects). Our team of VFX at Arena Animations, trains you to create special effects not only for films, TV shows, ads, games, digital media, etc; but also for fundamental day to day projects that can benefit from the additional boost with the transition of dull day to day environments to amazing 3rd world characteristics. You can learn 3D modeling, digital sculpting, character animation, rotoscope, and much more.

VFX at Arena Animations opens doors to a variety of different career options and placement opportunities. Arena Animations, with the help of their several Animation training institutes, computer training institutes, Multimedia training Institutes and others, has opened doors to careers in digital marketing, Broadcasting, multimedia, web designing etc. Alumni from our course of VFX at Arena Animations have found placements with top brands like AAJ TAK, Hindustan Times, Famous Studios, DQ entertainments, Colors channel, red chillies, Zee media etc.

By 2019, the worth of the Indian Animation & VFX industry is expected to be Rs. 9550 crores. Hollywood, Bollywood, TV shows, ads – each of these use visual effects to produce high-quality output. From car blasts in a live-action film to leaves blowing in an animated movie, all the effects are designed and created by special effects artists. You can be one of these highly-paid, in-demand, talented artists!

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Learning Plan


Develop your visualization & graphic skills. Learn storyboarding & audio-video editing

Modules Tools 
Concepts of Graphics & Illustrations -
Anatomy Study -
Typography Design -
Digital Illustrations Adobe Illustrations
Digital Painting Adobe Photoshop
2D Animation Concepts Animate CC
Digital Filmmaking and Pre-production -
Production Planning – I Shotgun
Audio-Video Editing Adobe Audition CC Adobe Premier
Storyboarding & Animatics Adobe Premier
Design Portfolio Project


Create a 3D animation portfolio. Learn all aspects of animation along with crowd simulation techniques

Modules Tools 
3D Basics – Modelling to Animation- -
3D Modelling MAYA Unlimited
Texturing, Lighting & Rendering MAYA Unlimited
Rigging MAYA Unlimited -
Character Animation MAYA Unlimited
FX, Dynamics & Simulation MAYA Unlimited
Crowd Simulation Golaem Crowd -
Working with Arnold Renderer Arnold renderer
Production Planning – II Shotgun
Portfolio Demo Reel Project


Learn digital compositing: wire removal, colour correction, green/blue screen, match-moving & camera tracking using NUKE

Modules Tools 
Pre-visualization MAYA
Introduction to Nuke Nuke
Rotoscopy using Silhoutte & Nuke Silhouette & Nuke
Wire Removal Nuke
Colour Correction Nuke
Green/ Blue screen Nuke
Match moving & Camera tracking NukeX
Matte Painting Nuke & Photoshop
Match moving in Mocha Mocha
Production Planning – III Shotgun
Portfolio Demo Reel Project

Course Highlights:

  • Access Online varsity: Online varsity is Arena’s learning app for students. You can have exclusive access to course material, discuss doubts & problems with professors, plan activities & projects, get reference material, etc.
  • Learn all techniques of animation and VFX using Pixar Render Man, Golaem Crowd, NUKE, NUKEX, and Mocha
  • Practical application using latest versions of VFX & compositing tools/ software
  • Projects at regular intervals
  • Specialization in your chosen area & create a professional 3D portfolio
  • Industry interaction & workshops